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In-Floor Heating

In-Floor Hydronic Radiant Heating

The effectiveness of hydronic Radiant heat is produced rather simply. Supplying consistent radiant heat by quickly and efficiently heating the water, pumping it throughout the house’s radiant system under the flooring, at the same time providing heat that radiates into the room. The floor surfaces are not only pleasantly warm to the touch, but provide warm, soothing heat into the room. This ensures a consistent comfortable temperature warming the floor and the solid objects in and around the room. You will be surprised at the effects of a radiation heating system that will have your family feeling warmer at lower air temperatures than conventional heating. Imagine lowering your bills and energy use, all while being more comfortable. Contact 1st Choice Heating and Cooling to find out more about the benefits of want hydronic heating can do for you and your wallet today.


Radiant heating systems are compatible with a variety of floor coverings, including hardwood, carpet, vinyl, ceramic tile and marble. It's important to let your us know what type of floor covering you plan on installing so that you can achieve the maximum benefit from your radiant system.

1st Choice In-Floor Installations

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