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Premium Air Quality Services in Waukesha & Milwaukee

At 1st Choice Heating & Cooling, we understand the importance of indoor air quality. Poor indoor air quality can lead to a variety of health problems, including allergies, asthma, and headaches. In a region like Waukesha and Milwaukee, WI where we can spend months indoors, clean air in the home is very important. That’s why we offer a wide range of services designed to improve the air in your home. We can install filtration devices, humidifiers, and other tools to help filter impurities from the air. By improving the air inside, we can help you breathe easier and live a healthier life.

Air Quality Services

We offer many air quality services, listed below. Schedule a free estimate to discuss your home’s needs and what our professionals can do for you.


Air filtration devices can remove a variety of contaminants from the air, including dust, pollen, pet dander, and mold spores. In addition, air filters can help to reduce odors and improve airflow. The fewer contaminants in the air, the better your furnace or air conditioner will operate. At 1st Choice, we typically recommend the Honeywell F100 Media Filter.

The Honeywell F100 Media Filter does a great job filtering the air of the main culprits: dust, dander, and pollen. Standard filters don’t improve the air quality. However, media filters used a deep pleated material that catches particles up to seven times better than a standard filter. It also allows clean air to flow through, causing less stress on your system.


We are happy to install PlasmaPURE bipolar ionization technology in Milwaukee homes. PlasmaPURE is a whole-home indoor air quality solution that outperforms air filtration, UV, and HEPA filters. It replicates pure, mountain air quality by producing positively and negatively charged oxygen ions that neutralize any pollutants in the air.

PlasmaPURE benefits:

  • Up to 99.9% bacteria & virus reduction
  • Clears pet dander & dust out of the air
  • 98.6% total VOC reduction
  • Neutralizes odors


In Wisconsin, where we have long winters, it can become very dry and irritable in our homes. Proper humidification systems can offset the dry air and make your home more comfortable.

Five benefits of using a humidifier: 

1. Soothes Skin

When moisture levels drop below 30%, your skin will start to notice it. Your skin may become dry, flaky, and itchy. Lotions and lip balms are quick fixes but adding humidity back into the air will have a positive lasting effect.

2. Comforts Throat

Just like your skin, your throat can become dry and itchy when there is not enough moisture in the air. Your voice may even become hoarse and you can temporarily lose it until you drink some water. With a humidifier, you will cough less, decrease snoring, and have an overall more comfortable throat.

3. Fewer Sinus Issues

Low humidity will dry out your nasal passages and sinuses causing discomfort, illnesses, and bloody noses. Keeping a controlled amount of humidity in the air will keep your passages working smoothly.

4. Protects Floors & Furniture

Just like your skin and throat, your floors and furniture can become dry without enough humidity. Any fluctuation in humidity levels is not good for your floors and furniture, therefore with a humidification system monitored by a professional, it can stay consistent year-round.

5. Better Plant Environment

If you have house plants, optimal humidity levels with help them thrive as well. They will retain water and be able to last longer without being watered.


Humidity is good, within reason. When the issue of too much humidity arises, you’ll want to implement a dehumidification process. Some telltale signs that you need a dehumidifier are a musty, damp smell, foggy windows, and/or dark spots on the ceilings and walls. A dehumidifier will prevent the buildup of mold on the ceilings, walls, furniture, etc. Without mold, you won’t have the musty smell that accompanies it.

Additionally, dehumidifiers will help your HVAC system run optimally. When it’s humid outside, the HVAC system will cool the air and remove moisture. A dehumidifier will help so that the HVAC system does not have to work too hard and break down.

Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRV)

We are putting moisture into the air whenever we breathe, cook, wash dishes, etc. The job of the HRV is to remove that moisture and any gases that could come from a gas range stove or water heater. HRV takes the heat or coolness out of the exhaust air and transfers it to the intake air. It is also extremely energy efficient, using only a small amount of energy to power the fans. About 85% of the heat that would be lost in the outgoing stream of air is recovered during the heat exchange core transfer.


We create moisture during our everyday lives whether it’s by using water, talking, or cooking. A humidistat can keep track of the humidity in your home so that you can keep it regulated with one of the devices discussed above. It’s best to keep a humidistat near an appliance that is affecting the humidity in the air. The device will let you know what the humidity levels are at and then adjust the moisture until the preferred setting is reached.

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