Boiler Heating Systems

Standard Boilers / Steam Boilers / Hot Water Heat

Boilers make use of hot water or steam to heat radiators, baseboard, and even floors.
Waukesha, Milwaukee, and Racine have many homes with boilers. If you have a boiler in your home, we have boiler experts to help you with all of your boiler and hot water and steam heating needs.

Our technicians can service and replace boilers.

We work on steam boilers and hot water boiler systems.

Cast Iron Boilers

Cast Iron Boiler

Cast iron mid-efficiency boilers are very common in the Waukesha boiler market as well as the Milwaukee boiler market.

Cast iron boilers vent out a chimney and, in some cases, can be vented out of the side of a home or building.

Cast iron boilers can last for 20 to 30 years with proper maintenance.

These kinds of boilers have AFUE, or efficiency, ratings up to 84%.

High Efficiency Boilers

High Efficiency Boiler

Low mass high efficiency boilers are a great application for replacement of many systems in the Waukesha boiler market and Milwaukee boiler market.

Low mass boilers vent using PVC piping because they put up to 98% of the heat they generate into the water used to heat your home or building.

These high efficiency boilers have AFUE, or efficiency, ratings up to 98%AFUE.

Steam Boilers

Steam Boiler

Steam boilers are less common these day but many steam heating systems are still in operation in the Milwaukee and Waukesha markets.

When it comes to servicing and installing a new steam heating system, it is important to find a company that fully understands the physics and dynamics of steam heating systems.

1st Choice Heating & Cooling have experts in steam.  With 50 years of combined experience in steam, we have the full resources to install and service your steam heating system.

Radiant Types

Old Radiator

There are a few different types of radiant terminals that could be in your home.

The radiant terminal types are largely determined by when your home was built.

Some of the radiant heating in Milwaukee and Waukesha are listed below.

  • Radiator(Displayed above) – These are usually large cast iron fixtures usually located near or below windows.  They radiate heat into the room when water heats them.  This is considered a hi-mass radiant type.
  • Cast Iron Baseboard – These are cast iron fixtures on your baseboard that start convection of air when they heat up.  These are considered a medium-mass radiant type.
  • Copper Fin Baseboard – These are usually, as the name suggests, fixtures that sit at the baseboard level of a home.  These use a copper tube running through aluminum fins to start convection.  These are considered a lo-mass radiant type.