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Count On 1st Choice to Keep Your Home Cool When It Should Be

Cooling System Installation & Repairs in Waukesha & Milwaukee, WI

Air conditioning is an essential part of any home in the hot summer months. Not only does it keep your home cool and comfortable, but it can also help to improve air quality and prevent health problems. However, air conditioners require regular maintenance and repairs to keep them running smoothly. When your air conditioner breaks down, it’s important to call a qualified technician for cooling repair services. Our trained technicians will be able to quickly diagnose the problem and get your AC unit up and running again. In addition, we can also perform preventative maintenance that will help to prolong the life of your air conditioner. So if you’re looking for air conditioning services, be sure to reach out to 1st Choice for professional help.

Cooling System Services

At 1st Choice, we provide cooling system services to keep your home comfortable in the warmer months.

AC Repair

Other than quitting altogether, your air conditioner will give signs that it requires repair. Here are four things that are indications that you should call a professional before it breaks down entirely.

1. There isn’t enough airflow.

If there doesn’t seem to be enough air coming out of the vents that means that something is blocking it or the motor has stopped working. Either way, you will need to get in touch with us for service.

2. It’s muggy inside.

If it feels muggy in your home even though the AC is running, it could mean a variety of things. One of our technicians will take a moisture reading to determine what’s wrong and how we can get your system operating at full capacity as soon as possible.

3. The AC is loud.

If your AC is making more than a low hum, something is wrong. Call us and we will troubleshoot the problem and provide a quick resolution.

AC Replacement

There are a few signs – such as frequent repairs or old age – that it’s time for a new air conditioning system. Some additional indications that it may be time to throw in the towel and invest in a new cooling system are:

  • Your AC is nearly 15 years old
  • It’s hot and humid inside
  • Your energy bills are increasing
  • Your AC is loud or smells off

There are four air conditioning systems to consider:

1. Forced Air Split Systems

Forced air is one of the most common air conditioning systems available. It makes use of a furnace to blow cool air throughout the home.

2. Air Handlers

Air handlers are generally in homes with boiler systems, and they use an air handling unit to cool the air.

3. Hi-Velocity Systems

High-velocity systems use small cooling supply ducts that are just 3” – 4” to distribute cool air throughout the home. They are usually branded as Unico or SpacePak.

4. Ductless Mini-Split Systems

The cool thing about mini-split systems is that they don’t use ductwork to cool your home. They also can cool or heat specific areas of your home.

AC Maintenance

To save money on energy costs and to extend the life of your air conditioner, it’s imperative you schedule regular maintenance on your system. Below are a handful of reasons to keep your AC tuned up.


  • To keep the warranty.
    Most companies require the system to be serviced annually. If not, the warranty will be removed.
  • It’s less likely to break down.
    Our maintenance program provides a full system cleaning and inspection where we will find anything that is not running properly and fix it before it worsens.
  • To save money.
    When you have regular maintenance, you will save money on energy costs and keep repair costs down – if not obsolete.
  • Your AC will last longer.
    Just like your car, your AC will last longer if it is serviced regularly.

Heating & Cooling Controls

1st Choice offers programmable and smart thermostat options. They both can save you money, but the major difference is that programmable thermostats need to be manually programmed, while the smart thermostats connect to Wi-Fi and can be regulated from your smartphone or on their own. Most people don’t use the features that are available on programmable thermostats. Smart thermostats can sense the temperature in the home and the outdoor temperature and keep the home perfectly regulated.

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