COVID-19 Policy

This page is meant to outline and publish our policy around COVID-19.

We appreciate your patience during these uncertain times and want to assure you that with appropriate measures in place it is still safe to service and install furnaces and boilers during this pandemic.

The following is a list of steps our company is taking to protect the safety of our employees and the general public by slowing the spread of SARS-COV-2 aka COVID-19.

  • Our office location is closed to the general public.  All transactions should be conducted over the phone or at the jobsite.
  • Some of our employees have been enabled to telework reducing the office staff.
  • Separated office spaces allow each employee to work in separate offices.
  • Staggered start times reduce the number of people that may be in a given location within our office and shop.
  • Masks are required in common areas.
  • Masks are required to be worn in homes.
  • Employees are instructed to maintain social distancing guidelines at all times when on the clock.
  • Field employees carry sanitizer and use it.
  • Office staff have access to sanitizer and use it.
  • Our office is cleaned and sanitized every week.
  • Door handles and light switches are wiped down with sanitizing wipes routinely throughout the day.
  • Field employees turn in documents by depositing them into containers in a separated area to reduce contact with the office.
  • Intercoms, phones, and video conferences are used instead of in-person meetings with distributor representatives.

As with many people, we hope to see our numbers come down in cases soon.  But in the meantime heating and cooling services are still an essential service.  If you need us, you can be assured that we will be safe and that our company is taking active measures to ensure our technicians and staff remain healthy in this environment.

Please remain safe and healthy.

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