Exploring Brookfield, Wisconsin: A Welcoming Midwestern Community

Located just outside of Milwaukee and situated among the rolling hills of Wisconsin, Brookfield is a thriving town and community that offers residents a welcoming, Midwestern experience. From its quiet neighborhoods to its bustling construction scene, Brookfield is a land of contrasts and provides something for everyone. Brookfield has been a part of the area’s history since the 1830s when settlers from New England arrived. It was named after its first mayor, Charles Brookfield, and was soon known for its early agricultural successes. In recent decades, the town has seen a population influx of people attracted to its accessibility to Milwaukee and its excellent schools, parks, and businesses. Find further facts here.

Brookfield is situated just 22 miles outside of Milwaukee, giving it the perfect blend of urban amenities and country charm. Its location along Interstate 94 makes it easily accessible to travelers and commuters alike. Its geography consists of rolling hills, woodlands, and wetlands, which are home to a variety of wildlife and provide breathtaking views. Brookfield’s population is diverse, with the town’s 2018 census reporting more than 38,000 people. It is considered a suburb of Milwaukee and is home to a variety of cultures and backgrounds. People from all around the Midwest and beyond flock to its excellent schools, sizable businesses, and picturesque parks. There is an authentic real estate market equipped with homes of all sizes, from cozy starter homes to palatial estates. Learn more about Exploring the Lakeside Village of Tichigan: Discovering Quaint Charms in Wisconsin.