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Heat Recovery Ventilation Systems (HRV)

Taking Moisture, Odor & Pollutants Out of Air Near Waukesha

Heat recovery ventilation systems take the heat or coolness out of old exhaust air and transfers it to intake air. At the same time, it removes moisture, odors and contaminants from the air, improving the air quality. If you’re looking for an energy efficient means of cleaning your air in and near Waukesha, 1st Choice Heating & Cooling can equip you with the HRV system that is right for you.

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Balanced Ventilation Saves Energy & Improves Comfort

When we cook, wash and even breathe, we create moisture in the air. The HRV removes this moisture which reduces the occurrence of excess moisture which can cause mold growth on the walls. The HRV also removes any gases in the home such as those that might come from a gas range or water heater. By transferring heat while exchanging exhaust air with fresh air, your heat recovery ventilator will supply your home with fresh, clean air without sacrificing any comfort.

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The HRV uses only a small amount of energy to power the electric fans that are part of the air exchange system. A regular unit features two fans - one that releases the old air and one that brings in new air. The heat exchange core transfers heat from the outgoing air stream to the incoming stream, recovering up to 85% of the heat that would otherwise be lost in the outgoing air stream.

A HRV system is an excellent solution for both improved indoor air quality and improved energy efficiency.

Call 1st Choice for The HRV Solution

To determine if a heat recovery ventilator is the right solution for your home, talk with the indoor air quality experts at 1st Choice Heating & Cooling. Call 262-547-2030 to determine if an HRV could help with your ventilation needs and energy savings at home or contact us online today.

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Coach Luther
Coach Luther
01:11 05 Oct 22
Always a great service from Mike. He's been doing my maintenance for many years with first choice. Would not go to any other company. First Choice treats me like family. Thank you very much......coach
Kelli K.
Kelli K.
21:23 04 Oct 22
Professional experience, from ordering to installation. David arrived on time and was very professional. I had a home air purifier installed and he took the time to explain everything as well as look at my thermostat and give me some advice that will help with maximum efficiency. Highly recommend!
Ryan Gerstner
Ryan Gerstner
01:51 04 Oct 22
1st was great! Tim checked everything over and gave his honest, professional feedback 👍

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