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Heating & Cooling Controls in Waukesha & Milwaukee

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Keeping your home at the right temperature is central for staying comfortable all year round. When your heating and cooling controls are not working properly, you waste energy and valuable time attempting to adjust and readjust the temperature. 1st Choice Heating & Cooling offers heating and cooling controls for your Waukesha or Milwaukee area home. Call us at 262-547-2030 today.

With programmable and smart thermostats to control temperature and humidistats that work to control humidity in your air, you never again have to worry about fussing over your heating and cooling controls to make sure your environment is comfortable.

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Thermostats have come a long way since the days of turning a dial for the right temperature. There are now a variety of types of thermostats that can help you manage your indoor climate, reducing bills and the potential for accidental over usage like leaving the AC on high when you are headed out for the day.

The right thermostat can help you to save money and energy while ensuring you’re as comfortable as possible at home.

Residential Air Conditioner With Heat Pump


Humidistats do more than just control humidity levels; they also help to restore and maintain the ideal humidity level in the home. As a result, a humidistat normally serves two purposes: obtaining and maintaining optimal humidity levels. Keeping a good moisture balance in your home is important for avoiding over-humidification which can lead to mold spores, or getting a really dry environment which can be uncomfortable.

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Call 1st Choice Heating & Cooling at 262-547-2030 or contact us today to learn more about how these controls can improve your home comfort. We’ll work with you to ensure the right tools are in place to keep your home healthy and well-balanced year round.

Thank You For The 1st Rate Reviews!

David Price
David Price
12:15 23 May 22
UPDATE: changing back to a 5-star review. Great customer service often boils down to how organizations resolve issues and recover from damaged reputations. Within a few hours after my previous 1-star review and interaction with the company, the owner did a little research to validate a previously purchased tune-up warranty that was offered from the previous business. He called me back personally to apologize and offer continuity of service at the original price. Really appreciate the company going above and beyond to resolve the issue and make it right. Thank you!
Jeri Conaway II
Jeri Conaway II
01:34 17 May 22
Anthony came out same day and used everything I had mentioned about the system to make a quick diagnosis of the issue. He then proceeded to walking me through what he was doing and why he was doing it. Very great experience and will be using them again in the future.
Brandon Flannery
Brandon Flannery
11:57 25 Apr 22
Mike was friendly and fast! He had my furnace up and running in a timely manor that allowed me to only miss a small window of the workday. He was very pleasant man to interact with, and our dog loved him too!

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