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Humidistats For Moisture Control

Enjoy Ideal Humidity In Waukesha

Moisture control in your home is so important. When a home has the right moisture balance it just feels better. Your skin feels better and your sinuses feel clearer. There is a marked difference in the experience of a moisture balanced home and a home where there’s too little or too much moisture. 1st Choice can direct you on keeping your home properly moisture controlled. Call us at 262-547-2030 today.

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How Do I Know The Humidity Is Too High Inside My Home?

Everyday activities can add moisture to the air. When you wash clothes, cook or take a shower you are creating moisture that’s added to your home’s air. Other things that contribute to this moisture include anything with condensation such as uninsulated pipes.

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Other than there being a heavy, warm atmosphere, how do you know there is too much moisture in your home’s air?

  • When you can smell mildew or musty odors in the home your home is much too humid.
  • Another telltale sign is condensation or fog on the inside of your windows.
  • Your skin might also feel clammy if there’s too much moisture in the air.

Humidistats Help Control Moisture

Another way to tell if there’s too much or too little humidity is to use an appliance with a humidistat. There is often a humidistat on portable humidifiers or air cleaner/humidifier units to help you better balance your home’s moisture levels. The humidistat reads the humidity in the air right at the appliance and then adjusts to control moisture output until the preferred level is reached.

Call 1st Choice About Your Home’s Moisture Levels

Call 1st Choice Heating & Cooling at 262-547-2030 or contact us today to learn more about monitoring the moisture in your home. We’d love to help you balance your moisture levels for maximum indoor comfort.

Thank You For The 1st Rate Reviews!

Joe Verhagen
Joe Verhagen
13:42 29 Jun 22
Jim Ryan was very professional. Was able to answer all but one question immediately and to my satisfaction.
Daniel Nason
Daniel Nason
14:10 27 Jun 22
Timothy was very courteous and honest. He did not try to upsell on products I didn't need.I asked him about an ion exchange system and he has one in his house. So that was a no brainer for me, so I had him order one for me.Every employee at your shop is well trained and kind..
Rich Mesa
Rich Mesa
13:48 22 Jun 22
Our furnace was not working we had no heat. I called 1st Choice Heating and Cooling they had service tech. come the next morning to do repair. He was very courteous asked me what was happening with the furnace to get a better idea of what to look for. After finding the problem and explaining everything that needed to be done he did the repair. He noticed a couple things that weren't adjusted correctly adjusted them to make the furnace run better. He explained everything he was doing which made me feel good about what he was doing. I never felt pressured about anything that was being done. I'll let friends and family know this is the company to go with for any HVAC or AC problems. In fact my neighbor is the one who told me about 1st choice and I thank her for that. Thank You, R.Mesa ,Our AC unit went out on us it was old and needed to be replaced. I called 1st choice heating and cooling and from the start they worked with us to get it taken care of. Once again my wife and I were very pleased with work and the techs that did the work. There the best.

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