Indoor air quality is crucial to our health and wellbeing. It’s vital to breathe easy, wherever you spend the most time—work or home. That’s why 1st Choice is proud to offer the bipolar ionization technology as part of our Ultimate IAQ system. 

If you’re not familiar with ionization, it can sound a little strange and scientific. But what it translates to is a way to improve indoor air quality for your family, your employees, and your customers. This amazing technology reduces viruses, bacteria, allergens, and other hazardous compounds that can be part of any indoor environment. 

Does better indoor air quality sound too good to be true? Here’s what you need to know about the Ultimate IAQ system from 1st Choice.

The Benefits of Better Indoor Air Quality at Home

If you’ve ever lived with allergies or asthma (or seen a loved one struggle), you know how important the air quality is to your home. Our customers are often shocked by how much easier they can sleep, relax, and breathe after installing the Ultimate IAQ (Indoor Air Quality) system. 

The PlasmaPURE offers cutting edge technology that is installed as part of your furnace system. This works better than a typical air filter by cutting down viruses and bacteria by up to 99%. It also cuts down on pet dander so that you can enjoy your pets comfortably. 

In your home, better air quality improves the environment, making your home healthier and safer. You will sleep better without allergens that irritate your nose and throat (and lead to snoring and sinus issues). You may also experience fewer hay fever incidents that cause watery eyes, itchy sinuses, and a scratchy throat. 


We all know the dangers of viruses and bacteria. These unseen enemies can make us ill, leading to coughs, fevers, colds, and worse. When you improve indoor air quality, you reduce the number of these health hazards in the air. You’ll feel better and cut the risk of getting sick, especially when you’re spending more time inside your home.

Another way that the Ultimate IAQ system improves your air quality is by reducing odors. If you’re cooking garlic or salmon, you won’t need to “air out” the house when dinner’s finished. The air always smells pure and fresh because the ionization technology neutralizes the odors.

Many home décor items (including paint, carpeting, and furniture) contain VOCs or volatile organic compounds. VOCs are slowly released into the air over time and can be dangerous for your family’s health. The professionally installed Ultimate IAQ system ensures that you don’t need to worry about the irritants you can’t see. Your family will be safe and protected with better air. 

Better Indoor Air at Work

The Ultimate IAQ system is a wonderful workplace option to improve your HVAC. In an office setting, the PlasmaPURE cuts outdoor air intake up to 75% while reducing allergens, bacteria, and viruses. With the outbreak of COVID-19, many schools, churches, restaurants, and businesses learned the importance of better air quality—it’s the difference between keeping your business open and shutting down.

When you improve indoor air quality in workspaces, you’ll see better health for employees and clients. The ionization systems enhance air quality, reducing bacteria, viruses, dust, and even irritants like pollen and mold. This means employees will feel better and stay healthier.

If allergens and viruses are reduced, illness is less likely to spread throughout the office. A cough or sneeze won’t mean an influx of sick days and absenteeism. When you improve indoor air quality for your place of business, you may even hear employees mention they feel more alert and focused. It’s not just something in the coffee! Allergens and irritants can make people feel sluggish, tired, and ill. 

VOCs are also hazardous in the workplace. Office furniture is often built using manufactured wood, containing VOCs. Paint, carpeting, plastic material, and other items can also be sources of VOCs. Better indoor air quality results in fewer VOCs in the office environment.

Air ionization also cuts back on smells, which can be distracting and annoying at the office. Someone’s microwaved lunch in the breakroom or a client’s extra layer of perfume won’t send everyone into sensory overload. Employees will feel more relaxed and comfortable in an office where they can breathe better, fresher air.

An added benefit of an indoor air ionization system is that it reduces outdoor air intake by up to 75%. This means you’ll save on energy and equipment costs to heat and cool your office. Some business owners report decreased energy usage of up to 30%.

The Ultimate IAQ system is good for single-family homes and multi-family buildings. It’s terrific for businesses, restaurants, and any spot where people gather. Wherever there are people, there will be smells, bacteria, viruses, mold, and VOCs. The Ultimate IAQ reduces all these irritants, keeping everyone safe and well. 

Understanding Air Ionization Technology

The PlasmaPURE uses carefully engineered technology to improve indoor air quality. These systems have been around for years, but people are just starting to learn all the benefits of improved air quality in their homes and offices. The Coronavirus pandemic has underscored the importance of healthy air, but improved air quality can offer a dramatic wellness boost even in better times.

Air ionizing systems like the PlasmaPURE create fresh, “pure” air by creating equal positive and negative oxygen ions. These charged ions neutralize pollutants like VOCs, bacteria, viruses, and pollen. Better air quality means improved efficiency of the equipment as well. This add-on is part of the Ultimate IAQ system we provide, and it’s easily installed in your HVAC system.

Once your air ionizing system is installed, you’ll experience improved indoor air throughout your home and office. You may not “see” the results, but you’ll certainly feel them as you breathe easier and notice fewer incidents of illness and allergies. Keep your indoor air healthy with our Ultimate IAQ system.

The Ultimate IAQ is one of the great options available through 1st Choice Heating and Cooling. Now is a great time to consider the Ultimate IAQ system for your HVAC needs. Contact us today to learn more!