We’ve all been there, sitting in a doctor’s office waiting room, waiting for half an hour or longer. By the time you get in, you get five brief minutes with the doc and leave wondering what just happened. Don’t you wish there was a point-by-point checklist that your doctor would review with you to make sure they covered everything?

Well, we can’t do much about the medical world, but when it comes to your heating and cooling, we’re not going to leave you with a bunch of questions or a wait time that’s longer than the appointment itself. We’ve created our Furnace Tune-Up & Safety Inspection and our A/C Tune-Up and Safety Inspection to make the furnace maintenance process crystal clear.

Furnace Tune-Up Reports vs. Multipoint Inspections

Now, our existing customers are already familiar with our thorough multipoint inspections. We’ve always been extremely diligent about A/C and furnace maintenance, where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. 

With our expanded Furnace Tune-Up & Safety Inspection reports, we include a full diagnostic report. We’ve increased the time we spend with our customers by about half an hour—ensuring you always get that essential one-on-one time (that you might miss out on at the doctor’s office and during other appointments).

Your expert technician will carry out a comprehensive examination of your HVAC system. We offer our tune-up reports for furnaces, boilers, and air conditioning systems. When we install or repair your furnace, our technician will explain the Tune-Up Report option to you as part of our Premium plan, but we offer it for any customer—not just on equipment installed by 1st Choice. Of course, we still do legacy tune-ups, too, for any systems that we install.

Our tune-ups are affordable, and there’s no mystery when you get the bill. We include a full report that breaks down everything we did for your system, including photos! We know not everyone is an HVAC expert, so we make it easy and simple to understand while ensuring that we fully answer your questions. With 1st Choice, you never have to wonder what you’re getting. 

Our Furnace Tune-Up Checklist includes:

  • Checking the heat exchanger for rust, cracks, holes, and other concerns.
  • Checking the venting for rust and corrosion.
  • Checking the gas valve for leaks and corrosion.
  • Checking the control wiring and connections to ensure safety. 
  • Checking the gas lines for rust, corrosion, and proper support—we measure the incoming gas pressure.
  • Checking the co-in supply
  • Inspecting the low and high-voltage wiring.
  • Checking the burners for rust to ensure proper operation.
  • Checking the ignition for proper operation. 
  • Checking the burner setup.
  • Checking the blower assembly for vibration and dust build-up. 
  • Checking the hot surface igniter and spark ignition.
  • Checking the blower timing.
  • Checking the pressure switch and tube. 
  • Measuring the gas pressure at the burners.
  • Measuring the heat exchanger pressures. 
  • Measuring the hot surface igniter ohms. 
  • Measuring the amp draw inducer motor and blower motor. 
  • Measuring the co-in exhaust. 
  • Measuring the temperature rise.
  • Checking the drains to ensure they’re working properly.
  • Inspecting the thermostat and settings. 
  • Observing the unit starting sequence.

For Air Conditioning Systems, Our Tune-Up Checklist Includes

  • Checking the thermostat and settings.
  • Checking the drains to ensure proper drainage.
  • Checking the blower wheel for excessive dirt.
  • Checking thermostat expansion valve for tightness.
  • Checking the lineset (piping) for tightness.
  • Checking the 24v wiring to the outside wall. 
  • Checking the condenser breaker.
  • Checking the 240v wiring to the outside wall.
  • Checking the outdoor coil.
  • Checking the wall penetration for the proper seal.
  • Checking the 240V connections.
  • Checking the high voltage disconnect.
  • Checking the unit—ground and tighten.
  • Checking the contactor visually for any burn marks or pitting.
  • Visually checking the fan motor.
  • Checking the fan blade for damage. 
  • Visually checking the capacitor.
  • Checking all wiring connections and tightening.
  • Measuring the capacitance of the run and start capacitor.
  • Measuring the ambient temperature.
  • Measuring the voltage at the load side of the contactor. 
  • Measuring the voltage drop at the contactor.
  • Measuring superheat.
  • Measuring the subcooling.
  • Measuring the fan amp draw.
  • Measuring the compressor amp draw.
  • Measuring the temperature at the coil. 
  • Measuring the condenser amp draw. 


As you can see, our A/C and furnace tune-up processes are comprehensive and involved. So don’t worry if everything on the list doesn’t sound familiar. We’ll go through it with you point-by-point and explain exactly what you’re paying for. We also offer similar tune-up reports for boilers and forced air. So let us know, and we’ll go over the points and pricing with you.


The best way to save on your furnace tune-up is to join the 1st Choice Premium plan. This plan allows you to schedule your annual tune-ups to ensure your furnace and A/C are working safely and as expected.


When Something Goes Wrong with Your Furnace

Our technicians enter all the furnace tune-up reports in the system live and in real-time. If there’s anything wrong with any aspect of your unit (furnace or air conditioner), you’ll receive a complete, detailed explanation and a red, yellow, or green status to help you prioritize any repairs or steps you need to take. 


Tune-up reports are essential because you’ll always have a record of how your furnace is performing. Our customized furnace tune-up reports are also helpful for our records because they allow us to monitor changes over time to see how your unit is performing. 


Most importantly, the tune-up reports can also help you, should a manufacturer default or decline a warranty. Occasionally when there are issues with equipment like boilers, the manufacturers will deny claims. The furnace tune-up reports provide you with a helpful history of your maintenance steps. These records can make a difference in a claim being approved or denied. 


At 1st Choice, we work hard to ensure your furnace, air conditioner, boiler, and other heating and cooling equipment work as expected and perform reliably. You’ve invested a lot in your home’s HVAC system, taking steps to ensure you’ve scheduled the proper maintenance and furnace tune-ups will protect your investment.


To learn more about our 1st Choice Premium Plan and our A/C & Furnace Tune-Up and Safety Inspections, reach out today. Our team is happy to help you keep your home at the most comfortable temperature year-round.