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Radiant Heat Services

Radiant Heating Solutions in Milwaukee & Waukesha

Depending on when your home was built you may have radiant terminals for your heating source. When you need service on your radiant heating system in Waukesha and Milwaukee, 1st Choice is your best choice for radiant heat expertise.

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Our team has decades of experience providing complete radiant heating services, from installation to maintenance to repair. We are your trusted local experts in radiator and baseboard radiant heating.

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Types of Radiant Heat

Some methods of radiant heating in Milwaukee and Waukesha are listed below.

  • Radiator – These are usually large cast iron fixtures located near or below windows. They radiate heat into the room when water heats them. This is considered a high-mass radiant type.
  • Cast Iron Baseboard – These are cast iron fixtures on your baseboard that start convection of air when they heat up. These are considered a medium-mass radiant type.
  • Copper Fin Baseboard – These are usually, as the name suggests, fixtures that sit at the baseboard level of a home. These use a copper tube running through aluminum fins to start convection. These are considered a low-mass radiant type.

The Advantages of Radiant Heat

Radiant heat is more efficient than baseboard heating and is usually more efficient than forced air heating because you don’t lose the heat you can lose through gaps and leaks in ductwork. Further, people with allergies can prefer radiant heating because, unlike a forced air system that distributes allergens in the air supply, radiant heat simply supplies warmth.

Radiant floor heating systems are very different from the radiant panels often used in walls and ceilings. Despite its name, radiant floor heating depends heavily on convection, the natural circulation of heat within a room as air warmed by the floor rises. That rising heat is what keeps your home warm.

1st Choice Can Service Your Radiant Heat

When you’re looking for service on your radiant heat system, whether you have fixture radiators or baseboard heating, 1st Choice Heating & Cooling is equipped to handle any of your heating needs. Call us today at 262-547-2030 or contact us for more information about how we can keep your home warmer this winter.

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Brian Kramp
Brian Kramp
19:39 21 Jan 22
Great local company that was on the ball from the second our furnace went out. They fixed the old one in freezing temps and came back several years later to install a new furnace and AC unit. The office staff is top notch, the service team was amazing and the sales staff was knowledgeable and helped us understand the equipment we were buying all while making us feel very comfortable with a major household purchase we needed to make. I highly recommend them!
Gerald Podolski
Gerald Podolski
14:00 20 Jan 22
I have been a customer of 1st Choice H & C for ten years. From installation of both my furnace and a/c as well as ten years of maintenance service I have experienced nothing but timely, courteous, professional and personal service from this company. I recently recommended them to my son and he too has now become their customer.Keep up the good work!
01:14 20 Jan 22
The technician was very courteous he explained everything that he did in detail and he was warm and friendly. I would definitely like to have him back. My niece was here and she was so impressed that she asked for his card and is definitely going to call to have her furnace serviced. You can’t ask for a higher Recommendation than that!

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