The Charming Town of Sussex, Wisconsin

Tucked away in the rolling hills of Waukesha County, Wisconsin, is the lovely village of Sussex. Once a small farming community, the town of Sussex has evolved into a vibrant, up-and-coming suburb of Milwaukee. On the surface, the village is a charming small town with a quaint downtown, an abundance of outdoor parks, and friendly locals. But look a bit closer, and you will discover there is more to Sussex than meets the eye. Sussex, originally known as Sussex Prairie, was first settled in 1839 by German and Irish immigrants. These settlers were attracted to the area due to the plentiful wildlife, natural resources, and arable land. As farming grew and the small community grew, the village was renamed Sussex in 1871. Discover more about Waukesha, WI here.

Today, Sussex is a quiet town of roughly 11,000 people. The town is situated in the rolling hills of southeastern Wisconsin, just minutes from the beauty of Lake Michigan. Before the suburban sprawl of Milwaukee and other cities, the village of Sussex was a rural farming community, largely composed of independent family farms. The charm of Sussex is undeniable. This is a place where family values thrive, and it is easily noticed when one peruses the downtown shopping district. Here, visitors can wander amidst the enchanting locally-owned boutiques and shops, find unique gifts, dine at numerous delicious eateries, and pause to admire the stunning architecture and historical buildings. Click here to read about A Tourist’s Guide to Summit, Wisconsin.