Wehr Nature Center: A Place to Discover Nature in Franklin, Wisconsin

Franklin, Wisconsin, is home to the Wehr Nature Center, a peaceful spot located in the lower western area of the city. Open to the public since 2006, this nature center is part of the Milwaukee County Parks system and is managed in partnership with the Friends of Wehr group. Here visitors can enjoy an array of activities, from exploring the outdoors to enjoying educational programs, all in the backdrop of rolling meadows, woodlands, marshes, ponds, and more. More can be found here

Located just south of W. Rawson Avenue at 9701 W. College Ave, the Wehr Nature Center is a haven for both wildlife and humans alike. Spanning around 340 acres of preserved land, the native vegetation and habitats of the center provide sanctuary and sustenance to over 150 species of birds, mammals, and amphibians. The Wehr Nature Center offers a number of outdoor activities, all guided by a team of experts. Guided hikes, horseback rides, and even kayak tours can be booked in advance. An array of classes are offered as well, such as bird-watching, animal identification, and classes on bird nests. Click here to read about The Attraction of Alpine Lanes and Avalanche Grill in Muskego, Wisconsin.

A public observation tower at the center is a popular attraction, providing stunning views of the surrounding landscapes and landscapes beyond. Start your observation from the base of the tower and scope out the glass-enclosed platform that offers panoramic views from the top. Here you can look out to the far countryside and spot many interesting birds and wildlife scurrying about. Additionally, the Wehr Nature Center also provides children and families with various educational programs. These programs cover areas such as conservation and ecology, natural history, farm history, and even arts and crafts. Other youth classes available include nature improvising, bug hunting, and outdoor games.

The center also offers special events throughout the year. Family fun days, bird banding sessions, and a holiday open house are just some of the events held. Plus, the center often hosts community events, such as a farmers’ market and a charity music festival. Whether you are a nature enthusiast or simply looking to explore the outdoors, the Wehr Nature Center offers something for everyone. By promoting sustainability, education, and a love of the outdoors, the center is a great place to have a fun, educational, and outdoor adventure.

So, why not take a trip to discover the beauty of Wehr Nature Center in Franklin, Wisconsin? The natural beauty and wildlife of the center are sure to leave you with a lasting impression. From evening walks and kayak tours to educational classes and events, the Wehr Nature Center is the place to be for anyone looking to connect with nature in the Midwest. The Wehr Nature Center is a vital part of the Franklin community; it provides educational and recreational activities for visitors and also plays an important role in conservation efforts. Visitors have the opportunity to learn about the local wildlife and participate in recreational activities, while also contributing to the conservation of the area’s natural resources. Consequently, the Wehr Nature Center serves as a source of both education and conservation.