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Furnace Repair in Waukesha

Call 1st Choice To Fix Your Broken Furnace

Is your furnace blowing cold air? Is it making sounds you’ve never heard it make before? Do you hear it turning on and off frequently?

If any of these things are occurring you could be in need of a furnace repair. If you’re looking for someone to fix a broken furnace in or around Waukesha, WI, your first step should be to call 1st Choice Heating & Cooling.

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How much does a furnace service call cost?
Servicing a gas furnace can cost anywhere from $50 to $300 depending on the level of service required. If you frequently maintain your furnace, the cost should be lower. If you’ve waited many years to service your unit, your cost will likely be higher.  Call First Choice Heating & Cooling before it’s time to turn your furnace on for the season to ensure it’s running in top shape and will be all winter long.
How long does a furnace last in Wisconsin?
A furnace typically lasts 15 to 20 years. The length of time it lasts can depend on how often the unit was serviced as a furnace that receives regular maintenance is likely to last longer than one that does not.  To learn more about maintaining your furnace, contact First Choice Heating & Cooling and we’ll work with you to determine if your unit is in need of maintenance or replacement.
Should I repair or replace my furnace?
There are two main reasons why you may want to replace rather than repair your furnace
  • If your furnace is 10-15 years old, it is generally recommended that you replace your furnace. 
  • If the cost of a repair is half the cost of replacing the furnace, replacing the furnace may be the wise choice. 
First Choice Heating & Cooling can help you determine whether you should repair or replace your furnace. Contact us with any of your furnace questions today.

Our experience with furnaces lets us break down what’s wrong with the unit and determine what steps must be taken to make the appropriate repair. When we repair your furnace you can expect a job done correctly the first time.

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What’s Wrong With My Furnace?

From lack of maintenance to mechanical failure, there could be many reasons your furnace isn’t working properly. Let’s talk about a few reasons your furnace might need a visit from 1st Choice.

Your filter is dirty. A filter that hasn’t been changed or cleaned can easily impede the performance of your furnace and cause it to use more energy to work than should be needed.

Your furnace is short cycling. If you hear your furnace turning on, off and then on again more frequently than you are used to, there’s a good chance your furnace is short cycling because of a clogged filter, improper air flow or a bad thermostat setting.

Your heat exchanger is cracked. This is a serious problem that requires immediate repair. Heat exchanger cracks can cause dangerous carbon monoxide leaks.

There’s a problem with your electric ignition or pilot light. This can be caused by a number of reasons but will prevent adequate heat from getting into your home.

The thermostat is malfunctioning. This can easily lead to issues with comfort levels and might be easily resolved by replacing or repairing the thermostat.

Your blower belt has slipped or is frayed. If you’re hearing a loud high pitched sound, there’s a good chance this has happened.

Your pilot light is yellow or flickering. This can be a sign of danger as the light can be yellow because of carbon monoxide levels. You’ll want to power the furnace off and call 1st Choice immediately.

Call 1st Choice For Any Furnace Repair

Whether it’s your pilot light or your thermostat, 1st Choice Heating & Cooling is happy to help. We’ll be there as soon as possible to get you back up and running. Call 1st Choice at 262-547-2030 or contact us today. We’re available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year for your furnace repair.

Thank You For The 1st Rate Reviews!

Coach Luther
Coach Luther
01:11 05 Oct 22
Always a great service from Mike. He's been doing my maintenance for many years with first choice. Would not go to any other company. First Choice treats me like family. Thank you very much......coach
Kelli K.
Kelli K.
21:23 04 Oct 22
Professional experience, from ordering to installation. David arrived on time and was very professional. I had a home air purifier installed and he took the time to explain everything as well as look at my thermostat and give me some advice that will help with maximum efficiency. Highly recommend!
Ryan Gerstner
Ryan Gerstner
01:51 04 Oct 22
1st was great! Tim checked everything over and gave his honest, professional feedback 👍

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