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Indoor Air Quality

1st Choice Is A Breath of Fresh Air in Milwaukee

Take a deep breath. The quality of the air you breathe when you're at home matters. When you have family members with health problems like asthma or allergies it is even more important. That’s why 1st Choice Heating & Cooling makes your family’s breathing a top priority with our indoor air quality services.

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We offer a full range of services aimed at improving the quality of your air at home. From fresher air to air that has the correct amount of humidity, we’ll make sure the air you breathe is our first priority.

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How do you improve indoor air quality in HVAC?

One of the best ways to improve indoor air quality in HVAC is to clean regularly. This means dusting surfaces, washing curtains and linens and vacuuming often to remove accumulated dust, pollen and pet dander. Another way to improve indoor air quality is to open windows and doors occasionally to let fresh air in. You can also use a humidifier or dehumidifier to adjust the humidity level in your home. High humidity can cause mold and bacteria to grow, while low humidity can cause skin problems and breathing difficulties.

Is there a way to test indoor air quality?

Yes! You can test your indoor air quality using an indoor air quality monitor. This little gadget measures the quality of the air in your home. Depending on the results it gives you, you may want to consider advanced air filtration, humidification, dehumidification or even a heat recovery ventilation system for your home.

How can I test my home for VOCs?

A photo-ionizing detector ionizes gases in the air and reports total amounts of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) using a powerful UV light and a specialized sensor. These meters are frequently used by skilled inspectors in indoor air quality assessments and may be quite effective in setting a baseline value of the chemicals in your home’s air.

Air Quality Solutions from 1st Choice

Ionization uses electricity to charge certain particles. Our PlamaPURE technology replicates mountain air quality by producing an equal number of positively and negatively charged oxygen ions to neutralize airborne pollutants. It can easily be installed in any furnace or air handling unit.

Filtering air can remove harmful particles including allergens, smoke and mold. These advanced air filtration systems often work well with air ionizers to properly purify indoor air.

Too much moisture in the air can cause mold and mildew to grow inside your ventilation system and can cause damage to your furniture, appliances and electrical equipment. When we dehumidify air, we remove that extra moisture to provide balanced air that won’t corrode appliances or foster the growth of mold on upholstery.

When your air is too dry, it’s tough on your skin and respiratory system. It can also be tough on wood furniture that gets cracked and brittle without the right amount of moisture in the air. Humidifiers add moisture to air that needs it.

Heat Recovery Ventilators
These systems are at the forefront of energy saving innovations. Heat recovery ventilators, or HRVs, transfer heat from stale exhaust air to the air being blown into your home. While the moisture in the air is being balanced, odors and contaminants are removed from the air.

Call 1st Choice To Breathe Cleaner Air

To learn more about air quality, ionization, filtration, dehumidification, humidification or HRV systems, feel free to give 1st Choice Heating & Cooling a call at 262-547-2030 or book an appointment by contacting us today.

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Kate Gloede
Kate Gloede
02:48 05 Aug 22
I was first scheduled for a late August date, but was "bumped" up due to a cancellation. I really appreciated that. Justin was very professional and answered my "dumb" questions. He appeared to be proficient at his job while still being personable. I highly recommend him and 1st Choice Heating & Cooling.
Alice Korach
Alice Korach
02:17 04 Aug 22
They have been working on my furnace and AC for many years. I trust them to do a good job in a professional manner. But Tim, who came out two days ago to do annual maintenance on the AC, was sensational. He solved two persistent issues I had just learned to live with. Now my upstairs is almost as cool as the downstairs— for the first time in more than 20 years. He gets six stars.
Dana Paul
Dana Paul
15:46 03 Aug 22
Excellent service all around. Would highly recommend.

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